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2023 "Live At La Serrurerie" (Lasnare Records CH)

2022 "Introvision" EP1/2 (Lasnare Records CH)

2022 "Things Behind The Moon" (Lasnare Records CH)

2022 "G.F." feat. Yves Ali Zahno (Lasnare Records CH)

2022 Evita Koné "Break" (DIAPAZONA CH)

2022 "Things Behind The Moon" (Lasnare Records CH)

2022 Rodolphe Burger "Musiques pour Jean-Claude Gallotta" (Dernière Bande F)

2021 Rodolphe Burger "House" (Dernière Bande F)

2020 Rodolphe Burger "Environs" (Dernière Bande|PIAS F)

2020 "OKT4V" (Lasnare Records CH)

2019 "Motion Sickness" (Lasnare Records CH)

2019 Rodolphe Burger "Good Alive" (Dernière Bande|PIAS F)

2019 Rodolphe Burger ‎"Quatre Plus Un Inédits" (Dernière Bande|PIAS F)

2019 François Vé "Helvetica" 

2019 Eyze Matoki "Blindfolded"

2018 Alenko "Lover Dose" (Alenko|Olzak Music|Evasion Music CH)

2018 Bad Resolution "Humeurs"

2017 Rodolphe Burger "Good" (Dernière Bande|PIAS F)

2017 Stade "Shoes For Sale" (Dernière Bande|PIAS F)

2017 Grégoire Auger ‎"Burn Out OST" (Milan|Bookmaker F)

2017 Transistor Girl "Righteous - Sinner" (Sophie Records|Sony BMG CH)

2016 Pascal Auberson ‎"Seul Sous la Douche" (Icare Productions CH)

2016 François Vé "Les Douze Femmes De Frankee Vee"

2015 Elvett "Home" (Barbarella Records CH)

2015 Infinite Livez vs Stade "Trans Europe Excess"

2015 Bad Resolution "Forgotten Language"

2014 OY ‎"No Problem Saloon" (Creaked CH)

2014 Aurélie Emery "Kiss Surya"

2014 Ganesh Geymeier, Infinite Livez, Stade "Live @ D​!​CLUB"

2014 Ganesh Geymeier ‎"Ganesh Stade Granite - Live @ AMR"

2014 Ganesh Geymeier ‎"Ganesh Stade Granite - Live @ Le Bourg"

2014 Eyze Matoki "Look Up"

2014 Esperti Project "Le Voyage d'Hannibal"

2013 Peter von Poehl ‎"Vanishing Waves OST" (Ici D'Ailleurs|Just Temptation Recordings F)

2013 Beta Pictoris "II Futuro OST"

2013 Nectar Divine "Friday the 14th" (Absinthe Music & Mental Groove Records CH)

2013 Stade, Ganesh Geymeier, Black Cracker ‎"Ganesh Geymeier vs Stade feat Black Cracker" (DKLK CH)

2013 Dog Almond "Drifting Animals"

2013 Wayne Paul ‎"Between The Lines" (Mental Groove|Absinthe Music CH)

2012 Olivia Pedroli ‎"Stay REMIX" (Betacorn CH)

2012 François Vé "La Tentation Du Sel" 

2012 Alenko "Les mystères de l'Ouest" (Disques Office CH)

2011 Thierry Romanens et Format A'3 "Round Voisard" (Disques Office CH)

2011 Dress "Transparency" (Disques Office CH)

2010 OY "First Box Then Walk" (Creaked CH)

2010 Dog Almond "In Dog We Trust"

2010 NYA "Rootz Teknowledgy"

2010 Fredy Massamba ‎"Ethnophony" (Skinfama BE)

2009 Stade ‎"Freewheel" (Sub Rosa BE)

2009 Aloan ‎"Pretty Freaks" (Muve Recordings|Musikvertrieb CH)

2009 SIG ‎"Freespeed Sonata" (Makasound F)

2009 Pascal Auberson "Kélomès" (Disques Evasion CH)

2009 Infinite Livez Vs. Stade Featuring Joy Frempong ‎"Live At La Guinguette" (Absinthe Music CH)

2009 Mobile In Motion ‎"Shadows Of Danger" (Absinthe Music CH)

2008 Dog Almond ‎"Feathers & Sun"

2008 Alenko "Silence.. on tourne!" (Disques Office CH)

2007 Infinite Livez Vs. Stade ‎– Art Brut Fe De Yoot (Big Dada Recordings UK)

2007 Dress "Misunderstanding" (Disques Office CH)

2006 Pierre Audétat "Calimero" (Tadeo Records CH)

2005 Alenko "36" (Disques Office CH)

2004 Marcos Jimenez Trio "Song For The Trees" (Philology Records IT)

2003 SIG ‎"Sansa" (Naïve F)

2003 Malia ‎"Yellow Daffodils" (Epic|Sony)

2002 Alain Bashung "L’Imprudence" (Barclay|Universal Music F)

2002 Mobile In Motion ‎"Far Beyond My Thought Control" (Synchrovision CH)

2002 Casagrande ‎"I Hope You..."

2001 Erik Truffaz "Revisité" (Blue Note)

2001 Goo - Amour Bleu (Shadow Records USA)

2000 Florence Chitacumbi "6e Sens" (Zedprod CH)

1999 Marco Jimenez Trio "After The Rain" (Philology Records IT)

1998 Silent Majority ‎"Nightbloomers" (Unik Records CH)

1998 Siegfried "Louise (Take 2)" (WEA|Warner)

1994 Silent Majority "Curfew" (Unik Records CH)

1994 Florence Chitacumbi "Uniq." (Hear We Go|Cod-Tuxedo CH)

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